It is Monday the first work day of the week of 4/13/2020 and right now all I have to do is fill out a few job apps. Yes I am thinking of going to the other side in managing fleets or product sales in transportation other than vehicles if it feels right.  since this lay off period been kind of thinking maybe the grass may  be greener on other side. Only thinking mind you not sure if anything will be a proper fit or if I would take it.   Everything involves travel which I am not to keen on especially 50% of the time.  And especially of travel if it means getting on a plane. Over the years I have lost a lot of interest in air travel.  But then again if I can be a road warrior then I would seriously consider it. like the idea of seeing the country and businesses from the road and maybe grasp a better feel of or seeing how vehicles are used first hand in the real world without a set up show and tell.  Then turning around and maybe offering better solutions and upfits to make them more cost efficient and productive.


I like to stop and watch the people using the vehicles I sell in different applications and try to see how I might improve on the use or type of vehicle. I look to see if it is being purposed correctly from what I see or why use of that configuration. I even ask the operators if the vehicle matches there job or do they ask or wish for a different type vehicle or set up of currently used vehicle. Do they get a say or who makes decision if they don’t and are they willing to talk? It has or was a way I used to build a relationship with businesses and become the dealer of choice or as another avenue of purchase.  does it work all the time no. I have some work with me and then use the suggestions with another organization.  Even had them comeback to me and complain that my ideas did not work or could not be done or the design could not be implemented. Yet when I sat down again if given the chance I showed them how with a test vehicle purchase or lease and ended with a customer for at least one sale. But then again to loose when vehicle is perfected to a cheaper supplier of the vehicle or the up fit. Maybe lost because of fleet management company that had own suppliers and felt better with them. Just no loyalty between businesses these days some times.  Although I have had great success with this approach to and that out weighs the disappointments.

Still it would be nice if I could get back to it. But between security measures and now health measures around it will get even harder. Plus so many new people coming in to management of a fleet and or businesses starting it is hard to get there attention vs. the big fleet companies.  As a dealer trying to offer the same things and then being forced to sell some times to the fleet company (making less too I might add) instead can be a let down when both trying for the same business.

driver front wrap

innovative thinking like rolling offices or screening trucks for jobs being  offered and customers a like. Maybe a special vehicle to do location work have an office to work out of that can roll from site to site may be useful and unrealized.  There are so many ways to help a client/business if allowed, just need the chance.

All well MONDAY MONDAY  MONDAY , my thoughts on how I would like to be working right now. This too shall pass and we all will be better people and performers because of it.





I need to produce some income bored of being home.

Well we are in to April and I am depressed and angry a d mad because of what is going on.  Feeling a bit hopeless and helpless with all that is happening.  Not only can I not get a good stream of income for myself right now I cannot even get my Unemployment going either.  It has been almost a month now of online apps and calling a number with no results. I finally get to the point of they will call back and here I am now waiting.  I cannot believe how this decade is starting out for all of us.

I know others are feeling the same way just wonder what you guys are doing to coupe.  We are doing the usual stuff here T.V., text messages and short videos between family, some board games, and tossing a foot ball in the yard.   I do some work if I can on my computer but lately that has become impossible as I cannot get logged in to my dealer login for my dealership since I had to update password for the quarter. I have also not been able to do any bids for the dealership either that could help us stay afloat because I need our insurance information for the state that expired. To date I have gotten no answer on that either.  IT is really making things even more stressful for me and not helping my mood any either.

The wife is doing her best to keep everyone and herself positive and grateful for how we are doing now and keeping a Brightside approach to everything. Thank god for her. One of the reasons I love her so much. Second go round for both of us and it seems to have been working for the last 18 years.  It is what keeps me from giving up and falling into a deep depression about everything. Along with this post of my feelings and thoughts. I am sure others are doing the same thing and it does help for sure.

Well everyone stay safe and enjoy the family both around you and through all the different ways technology has granted us. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!!!!!!!




Hello, again this is my second blogging attempt in as many years. I confess my first on WordPress was not that good as I really did not keep up with it. I would put articles I found of interest on the page every now and then more then than now usually. I would add my thoughts or comments to them and sometimes when I was inspired I might just do a page of my own. I finally removed the blog or it was removed due to not enough activity.

I was just going to forget about doing this again until this Covid-19 virus struck our world, Country and homes. I suddenly again felt I have not really done much for me to be a household name but maybe this could be something my kids and family could use to tell a little of my story when I am gone. Learn the things I have done in life maybe inspire one or two in the next generations to do something better or more or to just know it is alright to be just who you. I learned when my mom past away that it isn’t necessary to try and keep up with the Jones. Just be yourself do right by others enjoy our family do your best to provide a decent home and life as best you can with in the laws and rules of where you decide to live your life.

Respect your elders learn from those who know more in the family and your business so that you can excel with out hurting others along the way. Treat them the way you want to be treated and show them the respect you want to get. Recognize when you have done bad and be happy ang grateful when you done good. Know that you do not need others to tell you that you got it right as long as you know what you did is what needed to be done and you can sleep at night and be happy with your efforts.

Although as of late I do not get to enjoy them much anymore for one reason or another I do like to do things like:

fishing, collecting toy matchbox cars, and other collectible cars and trucks. I always had a dream to have my own collectible car for use as a daily driver and show car. Some thing I am working on and will be talking about in this blog. I hope at some point I can get it finished and get to enjoy before I can no longer drive or it is ruled unsafe to operate on the roads. Not a big fan of these new vehicles even though I sell them for a living.

I am a Ford commercial sales / fleet manager here in NYCundefined This is me in front of my office or what was my office in 2018. I am pretty good I would like to think at what I do. It has served me so far for about 23 years or more. I hope to do it for another 15 to 20 more years yet. I am not rich and have made some bad investments or no investments when I should have made them. But I have a great family and I am content.

In this blog I plan to continue or renew putting out articles from others with my comments and also sharing some of what I think fleets should already know and what new fleets should be thinking about. Not looking to use this as a sales platform but as a branding tool for me and what I know and can offer a company that might be interested in a no bullshit approach to vehicles they may need and how they can obtain them.

Hope you like so far and come back for moreundefined

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