Like the title says I am working from home as if I have a full time job. I guess as a salesman it is a full time job that pays nothing until there is a sale. But since February their has been nothing. You see I sell commercial vehicles for a Ford/Lincoln dealer in the Tri-State area . undefined But since all that has happened I have lost my draw salary (which I hated anyway) and now will only collect if some thing I sell is delivered.

Not a bad deal if the vehicles wanted are in stock, or can be factory ordered or swapped in. But these types of sales mean time waiting to get paid. Time lost by customer because they were not in stock or could not be found easily with the pool of dealers and upfitters. undefinedWhat should happen and what I need is a decent supply of vehicles in stock at the upfitters and on the ground configured correctly or close to their needs for the customers/prospects we are getting.

It is very hard to get a customer interested in doing business with you in the first place. But then to explain you have to either locate or factory order it makes it even harder on me and the customer as they always seem to wait to the last minute. Even when you have been talking for a while and you tell them don’t wait. If you plan out the purchases with my help we can have the vehicles around the time you are actually ready for them. But that requires a good track record and a level of confidence by the customer and the salesman making the pitch and explaining how things can be. You need to be telling the truth and be earnest that you are yes trying to get their business but also show them you care about the business and their needs. Once you get through and get the order then you have to put up and show you can do what you say if not more. undefinedlike this rolling office /clinic I helped design and sold. Or for another customer I designed, pitched and sold this truck for their use to replace the original and now extinct E-series van and be able to still get in to the garages around town.undefined

It was tough enough when I was able to go to their offices or meet someone in the dealership but now it is even more of a challenge. Gets really hard talking to a prospect with a mask on. I mean how do you show the right facial expressions? or how do you give that since of security that you’re a person they can deal with now and in the future? Mine is a business of relationships not someone buying on impulse or looking for cookie cutter family vehicle. I deal with people and businesses who need vehicles to get jobs done. undefinedSome times more than one and not all built or equipped the same. It is this that makes the job interesting and worth while too. Like I have said in the past I get quite a nice feeling when I see one of my vehicles on the road going to a job or parked somewhere with the technician out doing a job. I got him there and I got him in to the best or closest vehicle to accommodate his working environment. This why I get bummed sometimes when I cannot seem to get the help needed to get through to the prospects and or fulfill the needs of my current customers in a timely matter.

But like I always say I am

I found this interesting and wanted to share it. Criss-Crossed Conveyors, River Rouge Plant 1927, Ford Motor Company by Charles Sheeler —

A realistic painter as well as a photographer, Sheeler rarely failed to uncover harmonious coherence in the forms of indigenous American architecture. His series of photographs of the Ford plant near Detroit was commissioned by the automobile company through an advertising agency. 272 more words

Criss-Crossed Conveyors, River Rouge Plant 1927, Ford Motor Company by Charles Sheeler —

What now that Summer is unofficially officially started?

Well if your a car guy or truck guy , fisherman, hunter, camper or hiker. Now is the time to check you car out get the gear together and plan out how your going to enjoy your favorite pastimes in post Covid-19 era. The goal is to enjoy your pastime right?, but be in compliance as best as possible. No problem really if you go to car shows or enter a lot of them. They just spread the cars out a little more and the spectators don’t get as close as they use too. Admiring from a far each others cars and talents.

That’s cool for the car guy, and even the camper and or fresh water fisherman. The camper and Fisherman are trying to be alone with nature and the peacefulness. Usually to get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban society. I suspect now it will be to just get out and be somewhere else. Nice part about all these activities is they can be done in small group setting of the family, maybe key best friends in a local rural area. You satisfy the safety measures set up, but get to enjoy something other than your backyard and the 4 walls of your home. No worries of airplanes or crowded trains to areas like beaches and ride type parks where people are on top of each other.

But now you have to get there still. So you live in the city no need for a car really, so now what do you do? well you still can do all those activities but you rent a vehicle or hire a driver to to drive you and the family. but since this can be hours on the road that can become expensive hiring a driver if you don’t drive. So find some one with same interest who does, hire a bigger vehicle and go together more than 2 less than 10. Look in to #hertz, or #avis, or #zipcar maybe those are good options for you and the family or a couple of friends.

But if your like me and funds are low then you work it out and stay home activities become a challenge. I am a little lucky I have a couple of things to keep me involved right now. Like my 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Ls that is sick right now in the driveway. I order when I can the parts and materials to bring her to a condition I can be happy with and start again to use it as my daily driver. The goal is to make her into a showpiece of my making. the ideas are flowing but the funds are not. Budgeting is hard for this but I will manage. I keep sanity by trying and doing most of the work myself.

I learn what I do not know and figure out the rest about her. The changes I have in mind I work out to do as well. Which let me tell you are a lot. So far I have done some extensive work under the hood need to do a little more and I want to get to the interior this summer. but not before I have her plated again and rolling. A good friend named her Panther. It was a project I was hoping I could get one of my sonsundefined (the one in the middle)Who is a car mechanic involved in with me, but alas he has moved down south and is supportive from afar right now. We still hope and pray he makes time a week here and there.

She doesn’t look like much now but I will get her to some kind of show car stance with in the next year hopefully with God’s help and my financial situation improving, and my health stays good. The goal is to get her mechanically sound and looking like a thing to be proud of and drive family to outings of car shows and other worthy road trips. Yes I like the open road. Just like everything else she if a #builtFordTough vehicle.

undefinedthis is the first tie I saw her. This is how she is right now.undefinedSad hiding from the public working on getting back in shape. Not wanting to face even the neighbors as they drive by. But this will soon change. I will keep you up to date as things get moving and new parts and upgrades are completed. Just need to come up with a nice personalized plate for her. Thinking about “f1nally”. Well like I always say Ford has the best saying and motto. And that is what Panther is and will represent in the future. Well you have my thoughts and desires for how to spend this summer hope it inspires some a revives others.


IT started out like any other pandemic day, with one exception we found a new way to entertain our Autistic son Danny. Why we did not think of it sooner is beyond us as we have bought him toys like this before. Well we got him a radio remote car to help with his hand eye co-ordination and to just give him something to do out side besides kicking or tossing a ball around. undefined

Great right I know, so we go out I give him time to get use to the car. then I start giving him task like I would drive car down the sidewalk away from us and he would have to bring it back. Great right I know then it happens. What happens you say? well we are in front of house by the Con-ed pole by driveway driving the car when we hear a loud cracking noise. What was that I say as our upstairs Neeighbor pulls up. All of a sudden wham the whole top of the Con_Ed pole comes tumbling down. just snaps right at the top above the street signs into the street. Sparks start flying everywhere and my neighbor is trapped in her car. We were lucky as hell because it fell in to the street instead of back our way which would have meant and obituary for me and Danny if it had. undefined the car facing the worng way is my neighbor. I am standing now right in front of the house by my driveway where I was when it cracked and then fell. You cannot see it but across the street it started a hedge fire and burned it’s way into the street. It took Con-Ed about an hour to get the power off. This all happened at about 10:30 in the am. The rest of day no power and a great show of why we should be happy our police, Firefighters, Con-Ed, Verizon and Optimum are still on the job ready to act when needed.

What a great surprise and pleasure to see in the fleet of Con-Ed trucks to arrive we have an all new F750 show up. Driver explains it is one of the first and he has the pleasure of seeing how it will measure up and if Con-Ed should buy more. His answer to that question with me a lot better than the Freightlinersundefined that were on the scene in driving and handling and performance. undefined Let me tell you it is quite a thing to watch as they labored well in to the night and early morning to get a new pole in and everything hooked up and power restored. they had the power back about 12am. undefined

Never saw how they do the poles but it was quite interesting the way they use eye and hand and truck lift to co-ordinate set up and push the pole into the hole they dug for it. They came out and worked fast and efficiently to get the job done I thank them immensely for their dedication in this time we live in.

just a little message from the #ford family of why we are proud to be serving and who we are as a company, remember like I always say we are






I use to say I like classic cars because they just look cool. But today’s so called Iron just doesn’t always have that it. That it being  the wow factor or the look factor.  They have gotten better but then I started looking at old cars of the bygone eras and realized hey, my Dad or my Grandfather or Great Grandmother always drove one of those type of cars. Or maybe I use to go out with family in one on road trips something I always enjoyed. Then again the commercial or show attached to a car did it too for me. Like my featured car the Cordoba presented to the World by the Late Great Ricardo Montalban


6e7dbffe103b88a18d5575108757606bhow many of you remember this type of car. It was one of my favorite cars to ride in. My mother was studying at Harlem Hospital  school of nursing and by proxy I ended up with a whole lot of mothers. One of those mothers had one it had the rear window that went down and you know who was hanging out. (no car seats in the sixties and seventies).  Fun times for me and my cousins. She was a student putting herself through school through the air force reserves. Something few minorities knew about back then. Sadly she past away at an early age from Cancer but some things you never forget.

Like 65 FORD GALAXIE 500 this Ford Galaxy 500 my great grandmother brought home four different colors yelling up to the house on the 6th floor for everyone to look and decide which was best to get.  Right after surviving an accident in a LTD which the steering knuckle collapsed and she went down Amsterdam Ave from 129thstreet to 125st street. She hit almost 6 cars and ended up with a full body cast on the her right side.  Saying all the time I love ford and I love that LTD, never bought anything but a #Ford all her life.  Then the age of the Station wagon came about and I can remember another time when we all got into my Uncle Joe’s  wagon and he’d take all us kids crabbing or to the movies or a cotillion for 2 of my cousins. you had the preverbal don’t touch me your sitting on my hand move over I need room don’t lean on me. then you heard don’t let me have to turn this car around or don’t let me have to pull over. Again all you younger older people no car seats or seat belts for that matter.  You sat if you could get in a lap driving down the road thinking hey I am cool. Of course as you got older the term shot gun became like playing tag or musical chairs to get the window seat in front or at one of the doors in the back.62 torino Needless to say my sons think I am crazy and they don’t get the no seatbelt part or the riding of all who can fit get in. put the window down slightly so no one hangs out but get air in the summer was the thing and you complained but always thought this is cool.

But then there were the tv/movie cars that have always won over our hearts and sometimes dreams and for sure our fantasies of getting the girl and racing down the highway playing catch me if you can with the police. Cars like for me From the Show Cannon the Lincoln MarkV 1980 MKV1 GIVENCHY EDITIONthen the Ford Torino from Starsky and Hutch was another one always thought this was a cool crime fighting machine and loved the sweaters they wore in the show.maxresdefault

and who could forget that other car of cars the boss mustang from the movie that’s right you guessed it OIPU9IT5Q4Hthe movie was about a cop named Bullitt played by the Late great Steve McQueen. Of course some of you may not know who he is but that’s okay. Cause the car speaks for it’s self. And lets us not forget okay this is the last one I promise but I feel The show that stars David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight and a 1986 Camaro called KITT(KNIGHT INDUSTRIES TWO THOUSAND). A TALKING INDESTRUCTIBLE AI CAR IS COOL FOLKS right!!!s-l300

Well anyway there are so many more that were owned in the family and or on tv or a movie. but no matter what we all can live some of our personal history through the Iron of the past and now. With the now being what our sons and daughters may remember when they see older versions years later of a car they are riding around in now as teenager or young adult.

Sure would like to know what cars or trucks might do it for you, now that I brought it up? I bet when you do; the next thing you will do is smile or laugh and try and tell your significant other or kids the story. As if they, care but hey they are a captive audience right now right?



Have you ever stopped to think about the taxi cab?  Not the driver but the car? The punishment they go through in a short life span of 3 to 5 years with a hefty price tag new or used.  A used purchased retired cab from a fleet or independent who only drives new is even worse.  But here is the thing The manufacture’s try to beef them up a car that is superior to the the one you or I might buy/lease right now.

New the vehicle of choice which there are not many is built to s specific blueprint which is online with emergency vehicles as far as suspension and transmission sometimes engine too.  It is usually the same model or style as a police car or gov’t law enforcement vehicle.



But consider this is one of the oldest industries around, dating back to age of handsome cabs, stage coaches and buggy’s for rent if you didn’t own or horse or horse rental as well. Of course it was for the well to do and the stranger that came to town every now and again. the odd local needing a ride to the train maybe. But never the less it is a strong industry that is all over the world.

It is or was the car you hailed when you stepped off a plane or train in a strange town and had it take you to the hotel of yours or his choosing.  His/her choice usually depends on how they perceive you the customer as you enter the car the amount of bags and how many in party? the car had many operators too some drove 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Average mileage on a real busy cab in a real busy town could be 180,000 miles per year. Like I said they take a lot of punishment in a short period of time. Considering the average driver these days does about 45000 per 3 years if they are lucky.

They come in different sizes and shapes and styles all over the country and world. take a look!!





You get the Idea right? different types of cars or vehicles as taxis. An amazing usually family handed down business from father and mother to the kids who want to be like dad or just felt that is what they are destined to do. some families didn’t want the children to follow into the business unless they could make it grow.  there are millions of taxis on the road any given day around the world and they all look different and have there own vibrant history. But the vehicles used then and now are and were very interesting. Next time you see or get in a cab tell the car not the driver thankyou and then the driver for doing a hard job 16 to 18 hours a day.  I could go on forever on the subject but I think You all get the message. Taxis are a rare breed that is strong and hard to die they will go in any kind of weather and almost any where they are pointed too.

I leave you with some old and new they are amazing vehicles, then and now.


I was doing my usual readings and going over my to do list yesterday for today. Boring as always but necessary to get the deal right?  Well to my delight one of my Clients who has become a professional friend called me just to see how I was doing and the family were doing.  I was quite taken bac with the call. He is a person that when we talk business we always stop and talk family for a time as well not out of politeness but because we generally want to share.  I thought wow when I was setting down to send out email blasts today to do same thing I get it first from one of my oldest clients and friend.

But that is not why I decided to share under this title today although it is a reason but then I see things like this from #Ford

I hope you can get a chance to see it. and then while driving home this morning from picking up my stepson from his essential job at Fedex I see this on the road still working. it felt good to see it cruising down the highway.

1980's f250regcab

so they say pictures tell  compiling story and I think this link and this picture of what #Ford is doing and a Ford on the road not dead but still working and providing for the business it is used even today almost 30 years later.

Like I say I am just like FORD




There was a time when we woke up on a Wednesday and thought we are almost there.  The weekend is coming Right TGIF meant something. But now we celebrate that the virus is starting to peak or has peaked and now we pray that this is our guess what day it is or month it is moment against COVID-19.  Do we see that light t the other end of the tunnel are we half way there? The reports seem to indicate it. The Comfort is leaving soon and some of the field hospitals are empty, hospitals celebrating patients surviving it is looking up folks so yeah I guess we can say


Hangin we are getting close to the end of a major battle and war. Let’s keep the Faith!  LIVE LONG AND PROSPER PEOPLE.


Because like I always say I am and we are


Let’s all have a great day! By the way my Logins are fixed and back to some contacting and writing proposals.  Already did one today and I can do some certifications as well. Better then nothing.


So here I am in to month #2 trying to etch out some type of living and dealing with my clients on already ordered vehicles and possible new orders.   It is the start of the 2nd quarter of business and now I cannot get in to any of the systems at the company to do anything.  It is password  update time and I am unable to do it. I try several times only to get admin error.

So I email those who handle they send me the code for one app and still not able so I ask them to do all on there side because the reset is temp code and by time I see it I am unable to use.  till time of this frustration unload nothing.  Question becomes what do I do? I mean is it a sign they do not care to work with me for business? or are they out of business? which I highly do not think so or just big misunderstanding that just is not being addressed properly?  All I know is right now I a cut off from my one means of  making money right now and the ability to stay in touch with the departments and information that allows me to do my job.

Very very frustrating especially in times like these when there is no reason why I cannot work from home. So now I am trying again to get things straightened out. Something I hope happens soon because the ability to do this was one of the few things that will keep me from going nuts.  My sleep times are all screwed up with this and it is starting to show with the family. There are only so many hours in the day of walking and working on my car which takes a little bit of money as well. so with out means of money nothing to do. I have my lodge duties to attend as well but that only takes a day nothing more.  Really wish I could get through some of these hard times with a long period of good.

You see besides this pandemic I am a recent open heart surgery patient. I had a quadruple by pass dine last summer and had just gotten back to work in October. had the same thing happen then. Took almost the whole month of October being in the dealership to get things back up and running. Then when I got sick I was in the middle of renewing our bid contracts and that took 3 months to finish. Only to find out in March after  I am home because I am a precondition risk and in non-essential role at first that I have to work from home.  Everything fine till April and time to change passwords. I really am going nuts.  Stuff that should not be is happening and everyone is not responding as they should or just not letting me in on the joke. Surgery to save my life in 2019 and a Pandemic to try and snuff t in 2020. This is going to be a year to remember for sure folks.

Which is why I still use this motto from Ford motor company



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