Well right now I am still working from home selling a few vehicles. Along with a couple of factory orders coming in and stick in that Working now for my Lodge and death in the family and oh yeah I GOT MARRIED AGAIN!!! yes to the same woman of 17 years. Now my uncle is having a triple bypass as well. My car is back on the road, and the Saab is in the hospital and we bought a run around car too.

just married going down the road.

Oh did I mention now we are dead broke too!! But we are very happy right now. Just delivered this gem of a vehicle. and now working on a couple of police explorers as well. Then for good measure I helped my autistic son in learning some basic janitorial services so he can participate at the lodge and earn a few dollars at the same time. A place he now considers his second home and the brothers and daughters of the lodge have accepted him and show him love and care and affection when he is around.

Yes like I said then I got remarried to the woman in my life for the past 17 years now. Decided now it was time to solidify the marriage with a wedding certificate. Since we initially only made a pledge to be true to each other. But now we are officially an old married couple.

Now we are going in to the happy time right? No now my cousin has a major heart attack 3 weeks prior to this happy occasion. Name was Chris Hall and he was my first cousin and brother. I cannot explain the pain I felt at losing some one so close. only to have his father now in the hospital having triple by pass surgery at age of 80 and a diabetic. The prayers are flowing let me tell you. My cousin and his wife whom we lost 2years ago to cancer and now this. Now only to have his father my uncle in hospital at NYPH having triple bypass surgery as I write this which is why I write this to keep calm and not loose it as I wait to hear what is happening with him. So now you have why good times and bad all rolled in to what you call it ? Oh yeah that thing or time of passage LIFE. Live long and prosper all who read this and thank you for letting me share.


I am sitting up this morning cannot sleep. So time to catch up on some reading of articles for work. and just car guy things in general. I read an interesting article from AAA about tech in cars and how it is not perfect. The vehicles do not stay on the road as they should and are advertised. the tech disengages with out warning. All things that hey I would expect from Technology in a machine designed initially for hands on control.


I say this because this article explained during real world testing how the tech just fails or does not quite measure up and keep the vehicle straight going down the road. how it disengages with out warning at times and catches the driver or can catch the driver off guard and they are not even aware it is disengaged. Which is why I personally am rebuilding my 99 Mercury Grand Marquis to use as a daily driver. Low tech all the way. Going for Blue tooth radio possibly gps in radio is about it. and Cruise control which came with car but may jot use it. I like being in control fully making the decisions, facing the road challenges and the other drivers and cars and trucks as I travel the roadways and byways of America.

here is the link to the article for you to read as well. By the way what is your opinion?

Active Safety Systems Experienced Issues Every 8 Miles, AAA Says

Remember I am and hope to read some interesting comments.


So I have joined Robinhood brokerage and have been doing my thing slowly and methodically as I learned about investing in stock in college. Not going for the get rich fast you see more of a little bit at a time investing and watching it grow. Making moves here and there based on what I see going on in the world and my industry.

Needless to say investing I think wisely in transportation stocks mostly over the road companies and shipping along with industry that supports. It looks good doubled my initial investment and I invest a little more each month. As I said going for long haul not the fast cash and carry. So why am I talking about this because I have been looking at the different articles and other information Robinhood puts out daily in my email and came across this interesting article by a guy named Bill Bonner. Never heard of him before but he is some kind of financial advisor has some interesting things to say about the government and the economy. Things like the following:

By Bill Bonner Thursday, July 30, 2020 – Week 20 of the Quarantine SAN MARTIN, ARGENTINA – Reparations for everybody! Last month, readers were shocked when we suggested – mischievously – that reparations for Black people may not be such a bad idea. Today, we give the idea of reparations more of the attention it deserves. Over the last 30 years, the feds have given trillions to the rich – as much as $30 trillion, by our measure. Just over the last four months, artificially low interest rates, bond buying, and Repo Madness have added about $10 trillion in stock market wealth to the richest part of the U.S. population. And the latest figures we have – from colleague David Stockman – show fed policies providing 16 times as much loot to the top 1% of the population as to the bottom 90%. Why not toss a few greasy bones to the poor, too? Besides, what’s funny money for? Why not use it to square up with groups of people who have suffered in life? Why not repair the wrongs of the past and the injustices of the present? Why not level the playing field, give every person an even shot at the goal? Realistic Goal But wait… What goal? Happiness? Should we try to make everyone equally happy? Ah, there is a goal as counterfeit as the money itself; as if happiness could be quantified… and doled out like campaign hats or crystal meth. Perhaps a more realistic goal would be equal wealth. That is a goal more in line with our numbers-obsessed economists… and our simpleton do-gooders. And it’s an ambition that could plausibly be realized – by just reshuffling the money-deck. Blacks, for example, say they have been cheated. White people, they say, were dealing from the bottom of the deck. One Maryland politician even goes so far as to say that Blacks should all be entitled to Social Security and disability payments, regardless of any impairment, real or imagined. Don’t believe me? Here’s the Capital Gazette: Annapolis’ Del. Shaneka Henson… [proposes] making Social Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance available to African Americans regardless of age, disability or impairment, because, she said, “racial discrimination must be acknowledged for what it is – disabling.” Let’s see: Blacks earn less money than white people. They die younger. They go to jail more often. They’re more likely to get COVID. They’re more likely to be murdered. They enjoy fewer happy, stable marriages. We don’t need to ask the source of their impairment. White Privilege? Our colonial/imperial/slavery heritage? Their own choices? Repairing the Damage Fixing blame would be “divisive.” So, let us instead focus on repairing the damage – with fake money, of course. According to the Brookings Institution think tank, the typical Black family has a net worth of $17,000. The typical white family has 10 times as much – $170,000. So the solution is simple – a “reparations” check of $153,000 per Black family. But if we’re going to do this seriously, we should correlate the checks to family wealth. Some would get more. Some would get less. And with about 15 million Black families, that would come with a price tag of around $2.2 trillion. Peanuts! And the problem, if there were one, would be solved. Finally, the taint of white sin would be washed away forever, laundered by the Federal Reserve’s counterfeit money. “Tech Royalties” could be the answer to a fruitful retirement. Righteous Purpose Trouble is, many are those who have crosses to bear.. When the cards are dealt out, some get aces… some get nary a pair of deuces. Some are cripples. Some are half-wits. Some are haunted by a mean parent, a youthful indiscretion, or a childhood humiliation. But since our resources are infinite – thanks to the Fed’s “printing press” – let us, like Simon of Cyrene, take up the burden with a happy heart and righteous purpose… not to mention the self-satisfied air of someone who is generously sharing someone else’s money. So, who’s next in line? Things Get Ugly There’s one group that has gotten an especially unattractive deal: ugly people. Here’s the Daily Mail with the lowdown on “lookism”: Economist Daniel Hamermesh argues that ugliness is no different from race or a disability, and suggests unattractive people deserve legal protection. “My research shows being good-looking helps you earn more money, find a higher-earning spouse and even get better deals on mortgages,” he said. “Logically there’s no less reason to protect the ugly than the disabled, African Americans, other racial minorities or religious minorities, as we do. We could even have affirmative action for the ugly.” According to the above-mentioned Hamermesh, ugly people earn less money than their more attractive colleagues. Yes… well… There are some practical issues here. How do we decide who is ugly and who is not? And some people “lose their looks” as they age; others don’t. And then, how do we know how much compensation is needed to make an ugly person equal to a handsome person? But that may be the least of the disadvantage. When it comes to marriage, too, the mirror-breakers have less choice. And how to price the difference, say, between waking up each morning with a stark-naked Heidi Klum… or with Chief Justice John Roberts in his Supreme Court robe? Recommended Link Is Crypto, Crapto? Or is it your ticket to making $500,000? Teeka Tiwari doesn’t know anyone who hates cryptocurrencies as much as Judge Jeanine Pirro. In her words, crypto is crapto” and anyone who buys cryptocurrencies is “one card short of a full deck.” Teeka couldn’t disagree more. He believes cryptocurrencies are the new frontier for wealth generation in America. In fact, he believes $7 trillion of new capital is about to enter this market… …an event that will give you the chance to make $500,000 over the next year. The question is, who are you going to believe? Judge Pirro or Teeka? He’ll let you decide — Smart Choice But we’re in world-improvement mode, here. We’re not going to let insurmountable complexities or contradictions stand in our way. And there’s one group with an almost universal experience with disappointment, setbacks, and under-achievement. It fills the prisons… takes on the worst jobs… earns the least money… and is the butt of jokes, harassment, and discrimination. We’re talking, of course, about stupid people. From Business Insider a few years back: Of course, correlation does not prove causation. But IQ is strongly correlated to educational, professional, economic and social success or failure. Who wins spelling bees? Who gets into Harvard? Who goes to work at Goldman Sachs? Who creates a new app… goes to IPO a year later… and ends up a 20-something billionaire? Brainy people. How is that fair? The leg up you get from being smart is so obvious… and so ubiquitous… it needs to be corrected forthwith. How could it possibly be fair for one group who, simply because they are favored by the genetic lottery, get nearly all the best things in life? They know how to program their home heating systems… and they know what the hell Wittgenstein was trying to say before he went mad… and how to organize a Zoom call. The rest of us have no idea. Yes, of course… like everyone else, the dumb ones can work hard and overcome their handicap. They can get advanced degrees or earn a lot of money – proving that they are not as dumb as they seem. Or they can disguise their stupidity by becoming a Federal Reserve governor, bamboozling the public with claptrap ideas, and pretending to be smart. Or, they can take up politics and get elected president (a thick head, like a thick skin, is not just a plus in politics; it’s a job requirement). Heck, they could even be a columnist for The New York Times and win a Nobel Prize. Act Dumb Still, we’re not here to encourage initiative or self-improvement. We’re here to palliate with fake money. And here, too, the disadvantage of dumbness could be treated – but not cured – with printing-press money. Simply give people checks correlated inversely with their I.Q. scores. Of course, this, too, could create some practical challenges. People might deliberately “act stupid” when taking their IQ tests in order to get more money. That is, smart people might try to game the system – the way they always do. The solution? Catch a few of them reading Kant… and hang them in public squares as a warning to the others. But we’re not going to worry too much about the details. Let the smart people figure them out later. We’re on a moral crusade… This is no time for thinking clearly or deeply. We have a lot of other scores to settle! “Pressure Point” Technique Could Double Your Money in 30 Days. Born Unlucky We turn next to a group that has always suffered in silence: mute people. People who cannot speak must suffer terribly. They are surrounded – as we all are – by jackasses with dumbbell ideas. But they can’t even say the “F” word. It must be very frustrating. Still, we’re going to leave them out of our program, simply because we see no easy financial remedy. And with Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok… they have plenty of opportunity to express themselves. But what about people who suffer from the “Birth Order Disadvantage?” From The Huffington Post… “Kids learn their role in their family,” Dr. Kevin Leman, a psychologist and the author of The Birth Order Book and The First-Born Advantage, told The Huffington Post. “Firstborns are held to a higher standard. As kids come into the birth order, parents loosen up.” Related to that is the “Late-in-the-year setback”: Here’s CBC: A 2011 study of B.C. [British Columbia] students who entered kindergarten in 1995 found that compared to those born in January, kids with December birthdays were 12 to 15 per cent less likely to meet reading and numeracy standards in the elementary grades and 12 per cent less likely to graduate. And what about the lefties? Left-handed people are more likely to be alcoholics… more likely to have migraines… and they have to live in a world designed for right-handed people. And how about short people? From Spurned by women, more likely to end up in jail, doomed to earn less, destined to languish in poorly paid jobs, plagued by feelings of inferiority and coming up short where coming up matters most, you’d think life had dealt the short straw to short men. And maybe it has. Recommended Link The American Mining Boom Inside this map is the largest discovery of lithium in American history. Tesla could be on the verge of signing a billion-dollar deal for this lithium. And one tiny $4 company owns the whole thing — Brave New World But don’t worry, runts… middle children… December babies… lefties – there’s help on the way. Our Reparations-for-Everybody program is sure to be picked up by a major political party. Then, in this brave new world, where every unhappy circumstance and misfortune is set right by fake money… …we will all be equally miserable. Regards, Bill Like what you’re reading? Send your thoughts to MAILBAG A dear reader says political debate is a lost cause… People are going crazy. Some of my friends are no longer interested in vigorous debate. They yell over me and I never get my point across… It’s lost, unborn and unheard… unreasoned and killed off in vitriolic belligerence… And these are lifelong friends. The immortal quote of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill: “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” – Justin T. Meanwhile, another dear reader is floored that Bill paid for the repairs for a police truck that collided with one of his bulls back in May… The local police drive into your bull and you have to pay for the damage to their squad car? Did the police claim the bull purposefully rammed their police car? I do not understand why you are liable for their negligence? – Kevin O. Finally, one dear reader offers his own gold story after Wednesday’s Diary, “Is This ‘Peak Gold’?” I purchased gold Krugerrands in 1978 for about $198 per ounce. I sold most of them in January of 1980, the day it moved over $800. I still have these remainders and additional coins, which I bought over time. I sold them Monday after watching a gold expert on the Friday Louis Rukeyser Show indicate that non-pros should get out. It is much easier to buy and sell gold (and everything else) with the internet. I bought the original coins from the First Bank of Chicago. I resold them to the bank after spending much time that day trying to contact them. I find your daily letters entertaining and informative. Keep up the good work. – Allan G. Has your political debate circle shrunk, like Justin’s? What is your gold story? Write us at IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… 3-DAY BIOTECH MASTERCLASS [100% FREE] You’re invited to the biotechnology capital of the world… for Jeff Brown’s first-ever Biotech Masterclass. Look “over Jeff’s shoulder” as he investigates a rare millionaire-making opportunity… in one day, a biotech small cap could start to soar up to 1,000%. Within 12 months, it could turn a tiny stake into a nest egg. This could impact you and your loved ones for generations to come. You’re about to miss out on a wealth creation event unlike any other. RSVP Before Time Runs Out.  SHAPE  \* MERGEFORMAT Get Instant Access Click to read these free reports and automatically sign up for daily research. How You Can Start Profiting From Maganomics Today The Three Best Gold Coin Deals on the Market Today The Gold Investor’s Guide
It surely makes you think laugh, get mad and cry all at the same time. very interesting thoughts and ties ins with other articles. Hope to hear or read what some of you guys think.

Things are moving further to the positive

Well I did my weekly check in with customers today. Something I do once a month with a different set of customers each time. This round netted a lead for an off brand sale and the opportunity to deliver another vehicle ordered by my good client #NYPH. IT is an add on to the special service fleet. Not only has that come in for delivery but I did also finally get the P.O. from another client to order 2 more Ford Police interceptors suv’s

it feels good when you know there will be some money coming in over the next few weeks and months if the stimulus unemployment runs dry. It just makes me thankful for having a job where I can make do or prosper as well. I even have a couple of leased escapes going out as well. I can only hope that others out there are fairing just as well during these trying times.

We all have to keep the faith and remember you’ve got to hang tough and that just like me you’ve got to be

Well as a follow up I have so far delivered 2 of 3 sales and I am in the mist of working 3 more deals. Things look good, just need to be able to get back to bidding on state and local vehicle purchases. such a good feeling though when you’ve made money doing something you love.

Well I was doing a little reading and came across this gem. It turns out Ford’s Fox body was almost its first global platform – Ronan Glon @Hemmings —

1973 marked a major turning point in the auto industry. It was a year marred by an unprecedented oil crisis that forced Americans to rethink their definition of a car. Automakers were implementing drastic changes as executives worried about the cost of meeting rumored fuel economy standards that were to be enforced nationally. Fuel prices were…

It turns out Ford’s Fox body was almost its first global platform – Ronan Glon @Hemmings —


Well this has been some weekend! My oldest turns 30 this weekend and I get to spend the weekend and week with my Granddaughter who is all of 4 and my baby girl. Have not seen her in a while because of my open heart surgery then covid. But we got her this weekend. Picked her up Friday and it has been a blast. undefinedWe have spent time in the park by my house and taken a ride or 2 in the Saab convertible. Surprisingly the car seat fits. no top down just too much sun for her but enjoyed anyway because never been in a convertible before. She has had her moments but quickly learned Grandpa don’t go for temper tantrums they don’t work. undefinedIt has truly been a blast for me and my wife. We take her to her dad on Friday afternoon to spend quality time with him as well. Thinking it will be okay to take her to see Great grand ma but not too sure sent the pictures though. She has been out running around all weekend and got a little home sick last night when she could not have her way but a phone call to mommy calmed her down. She may be a wake now and ready for some more park time we shall see.

It even felt good just knowing she is here while typing this out in the back yard in between a little work from home business as well. Maybe she was what I needed to break the Ice. it looks like I got 3 deals on the horizon as well.

Well like I say when you are anything goes.

I truly hope all reading this has had as good a weekend as I and continue to have a great summer while we deal with this Pandemic.


I have attached a poll asking this very question.

  I believe they do have a big part in history.   I think cars and trucks offer a lot to history in all kinds of ways.  From Ford delivering their 15th millionth model T.or maybe you know family who remembers when this happened in America it was a time when a company recognized it’s employees and what they mean to the success of the company.  Maybe there is a car or truck you remember because it is the first one in the family or the business. Maybe it was what turned the business around,  or maybe you remember that first family car your parents bought or the the first car you ever got or had that first date in?

or that car that would go by and you would say that is sweet wish I had one of those or I am going to get me one. You know like the famous cars from tv you thought would be even cooler if you were driving them.          

if you know your car shows and movies then you know the examples shown above. I look at all of this like just another way to remember good and bad times in the country my life and life around me and my family. I always had that fascination with cars and always wished for a way to create a collection. Unlike Jay Leno I settled for going Matchbox style getting the ones I liked and ones I remembered from family and TV and Movies when I can, Like this

Okay so not one car but maybe you are partial to a brand? GM(Chevy, Caddy, Buick, GMC) (or one of the bygone era GM’s (Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Saturn) Not a GM fan maybe a Ford or Chrysler Plymouth fan? not American minded then you like the Europeans or the Asians? BMW, VW, Fiat, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, Audi, Porsches, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini just to name a few. Well I hope you do the poll and this brought back some happy family or personal road or vehicle experiences from the past or now.

No matter what it may be or when it may have been it is a memory for you and your friends and family. ROLL ON

adding this link from another contributor that I believe falls in line with my thoughts


Just read this blog from our President of the Lincoln Motor Company and Chief marketing officer at Ford motor company. Read it and I think you will understand why I as a black man in a tough business like and prefer to be associated with the Ford Motor Company as one of their franchised commercial Salesman/manager.

it why I say I am

I just don’t understand it’s on my property endangering no one.

I live in a small town in Westchester County. to say money last year when I got sick I took my car a 1999 grand Marquis off the road. Since I got better and then Covid-19 I decided to leave off the road and fix a few thinga that needed fixing and do a little upgrading. undefinedSo here she sits while I come out and do this project then the next. I get started on my most ambitious when a get a letter from the town. Mind you letter received on Friday the 11th demanding action by the today to either remove the vehicle from the premises or re-register and insure the vehicle by end of day today. If not pay town 1000 A DAY until complied with.

so now I scramble have to get car moved out because I cannot keep it here and get insurance and plates like letter demanded by the building dept. so now I have no where to curse and relieve tension and feel good when something gets done. I am now looking into my mechanic doing the things I wanted to do and spending more money then I wanted. It seems crazy to suggest a vehicle sitting on your property is causing soem kind of health hazard to your neighbors who for weeks have been watching me take her apart and put her back together as I fix or replace one thing here and one there. See if I give them a ride when my ride is complete.

Anyway I remain as always


Well it is June my birthday month and he end of the school year for most and the beginning of the car show season which will be interesting in this pandemic year. It is the month of Flag day, Black history month in the arts as well as fathers day and again my birthday. I have been looking at the different challenges on #DeesChallenge.

With that in mind my challenge is simple since it is on my favorite pass time when out and about. The challenge is to send in pictures from impromptu car shows you might see around your town or city. You know the coffee car show case where guys n gals show off the work and upgrades that have been done to their pride and joy.. Or maybe you see somebody out just enjoying a ride in there weekend plaything or daily driver. undefined

A lot of times I see them when out for work visiting customers or while walking for exercise in my home town. I usually do a Tweet playing the game I spied seeing if anyone can guess the make model and year of the vehicle found. Usually say where I saw it as well. Like this daily driver I spied in the Bronx while making a truck delivery to Parkchester Condominiums North.undefined or like this old gem still holding on and running, but not looking it’s best right now.undefinedSo I guess now you have the idea Looking forward to seeing what pictures i get back in response or little stories and I will up date as well. Good hunting and remember these Classics and daily drivers are

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