Why I like what I do as an automotive sales person

Well basically I like the challenge of convincing companies that I have there interest at heart. Which I do, it is a challenge against others in my side of automotive sales to show a company that dealing with me is a personal experience of understanding their needs and wants for the vehicles they need to get the job done. I believe that given the chance I show purchasers, fleet managers and owners that I have the right vehicle design and can deliver in a timely basis depending on stock and building schedules and their need for a vehicle.

The other aspect of doing bids and helping my local municipalities with the products they need at a good fair honest pricing based on how they have constructed or requested a vehicle is fun too. The challenge is in competing with others to get the prize which is the deal or contract to provide the vehicle.  When you win it is money in your pocket and a sense of accomplishment to me when it is delivered and you see your efforts on the road in there intended use. To me that is a great feeling and makes me happy to say when out with family  that’s one of my sales or vehicles. Especially when it is a vehicle for a not-for profit or a hospital or nursing home, or small business.

I cater or try to service a wide variety of industries and companies.  I work with a lot businesses large and small does not matter as long as it is a vehicle for business and the client is willing to listen and offer real insight to how and what they think they need no matter how odd the design or innovative.  I do my best to keep up with the changes and new products available and how they can be used by different companies as well. I like the on going challenge of learning about new companies and how they use vehicles the vehicles to do what they do. It is a way that I use to network and introduce businesses to other businesses in the hope of helping each survive and grow, hoping they do the same for me.  But I never make it a part of any deal, just that they recognize where the business came from and reward me later with additional purchases if it works out. I try my best to support the people I do business with as much as I can. I especially like working with minority owned businesses that have just started or are starting up too.  the idea of helping someone kick off a business or take it to the next level is quite satisfying when I am a part of the process.

Which why I believe when I have had chances to move on I have not and really think that this is what I will do as long as I am welcomed and able to survive and take care of my family I will continue to do it. So if if you read or see this and I come knocking or dropping an email or call maybe it will help you to know a little more about the guy trying to help your business either grow or continue to do business. 


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