When do you start and how do you pick the right project car/truck?

I know how I picked my car projects and why. But did I do the right thing or is there a better way to figure this out and make sure your happy and not in over your head?

This is my baby Panther a 1999 Grand Marquis LS with police package. From what I have been able to determine a retired Inspectors unit NYPD. She runs great but has some things I need to address and just want to flat out change. But when Covid hit it got stalled. Actually even before covid hit, My open heart surgery didn’t help matters either. But I am now in the savings mode to build up the capital to get her done.

Build up the capital now there is a thought, I mean how much is enough to get her to a point where I am happy and can show off to the car world. How much of a showoff do I want to be and keep her as a daily driver? That is the biggest question I believe I face. I would like to make the million mile plus club with her and do a lot of traveling with her to shows and swap meets and so on. Something I have always wanted to do with a nice car and family. I have always read about the meets and the different shows and have attended some around Westchester and the Tri-State area as well. All it has ever done is made me want to get into that lifestyle. But as with anything it takes money, and I am not exactly swimming in it by any means. And of course there is my wife’s baby Feathera 1993 SAAB 900S CONVERTIBLE, a car that was given to her 2 years ago. A great summer driver weekend driver. It needs work too of course so now what do we do or I do first? what does it need or shall I say what doesn’t it need? No matter what she is a keeper since it was given in the hopes that my would and odes appreciate the gift and cherish the car. Now she is by no means a car girl and I am trying to get her in to it but it is a process with her. I got her to join the SAAB Automobile Club of America we found a great mechanic for the car through them. But getting her to commit to going to a swap meet and understanding the culture is another thing. As she is an author and poem writer I think if she did she would come up with new book ideas or poems that might help her career as a writer too. I think everyone loves an on the road type of story or poem. I know I do!!

But back to picking the right car/ truck how have some of you done it? I mean were you out just driving and saw something and said yeah this is it? or do you do it professionally to find and flip for money? What is too big or not flashy enough? Is it a car that reminds you of high school or the car dad once had? or maybe you had when first started driving? Maybe it is a car you used for work at some time in your life when you felt good about what you were doing at that time in your life? How long does it take for you to decide and make a decision on what is right for you? Then once that decision is made do you buy pieces or something started or maybe just a frame or shell? Does it have to depend on your skill set or your desire to have it or both? I am sure the money plays a big part too no? I mean do you set a budget or just through all the spare change you have at it? Especially if the budget you set doesn’t seem to be enough.

Some say we are a crazy bunch to put out that kind of money. But are we truly? I mean to each his/her own right? Just wondering how you folks feel on the subject or if you really care? I know it takes a certain kind to be into this and it is really something though when you can get the family in to it. So let me know and if you are like me building and dreaming drop a photo into the comments section along with what’s going on if you dare!!!

Like I always say you have to be

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