AT first, I called it the big year of change. I was right about that but not in the way I was hoping at first. I was expecting things to get back to normal or close to it and customers would then start figuring budgets and putting out the bids and I make some money. But what has happened is the budgets were established and then it all went array. At first it was limited availability on certain vehicles and others needed to be only sold units with proof of sales.

Now it is all the above but, the scenario has changed. So good luck if we have enough parts to build the vehicles and can get them in to transportation for delivery to the dealership. And it doesn’t look like this is going to ease up anytime soon. Prices are good money to be made but you have to have something to sell. So right now, every day is a surprise if I am alerted that something of mine has come in for delivery.

So, you’re probably wondering what is hard to get? That is an easy one to answer everything is hard to get. Some are harder than others to get especially if you want a special or high model package. When it comes to trucks of any kind Ford you might as well forget it if you didn’t place an order months ago or when the order bank for the vehicle first opened for orders.

Now I spend my time praying for my ordered vehicles to come in so I can give my customers the work vehicles they need which are already overdue for delivery. Between waiting for the vehicles or chassis to come in then to be called the Cats (catalytic converters) were stolen just racks the nerve even further for me and my customers. Delays after delays and there is nothing you can do about it.

So now I sit and wait and try to price out cars for customers even though they may never see the vehicles. really is hard got to push even harder to get the sale and keep the sale while you wait for the vehicle new or used. And it is not just in my industry.

I have talked to quite a few people describing the same issues in form or another. All talking about how much they are losing even though they get to charge more. Finding out making more on the product, but only having a small amount of the product when it is something you move a lot of daily.

So, the thought for the day, week, month and year is hang on in there baby. things will get brighter and better just hold on. Do what you can as best as you can till it starts rolling in.

Remember talk to you all on the other side of this.

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I am a 23+ year veteran of selling vehicles to the public for Commercial use. I specialize in selling vehicles for commercial and municipal uses through out the NY tri-state area. I am currently working doing this at Ford Lincoln Of Queens, I am a family man with a loving wife of 17+ years. 4 great boys ages 21 to 31 at time of this profile set up. I have 2 great grand kids one is the sweetest little girl and the other her brother who was just born almost 1 year ago. I am a New York Native born in Harlem Raised in the Bronx and New Rochelle NY. I have 6 great step sisters and a step mom that I love dearly as well. and a host of cousins and uncles and aunts as well that gives me great joy and feeling of love to be in a family like mine. I belong to a great organization focused on charity and brotherly love to all as well the I.B.P.O ELKS OF THE WORLD.

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