So making plans to do some serious traveling. Thankfully I have been able to do some so far and am looking forward to doing more as well. I have to classics that I want to travel in and see most of this Country, Hopefully with little or no problems with the cars or people as we travel.

This is the main road car for me although if my wife had her way we be riding around in here 2012 imperza(not). She seems to think it is a good road car. I look at and go oh my aching joints after 2 hours on the road. Besides going for the million mile club in this lady.

The other one the other is our droptop, strictly the weekend nice weather warrior.This little gem was a gift to my wife her first real car. trying to get her to understand what she has but for some reason she will only listen to everyone else but her husband in business for over 35 years about what we got and how we should treat her. She heard she shouldn’t drive it much or at all because it is a collectors. I tell her use it on nice days, put top down or open all the windows and cruise her answer no the pollution and the sun. So I do the next best thing I steal it and drop it and cruise with our special needs son. You say ride he says which car. Not where we going just which car.

So now I have a chance for her birthday to take her out and so I plan a ride to Albany and we go to a dance up there spend a few days. Nice right? take the Saab drop the top enjoy the sights on a leisure cruise up and back. What do I get rain going. and compliant we are taking car. I say never you mind she needs the ride we are taking it. I cannot win but then again husbands do we ever really win with our wives?

Well we hit the road tomorrow leaving the guys home to hold down the house and enjoy each others company. I will update on how the weekend went next week when we get back.

After this trip we do the Drive we are arguing about which car to take. That is the big one for the year San Antonio family for Christmas. I say Grand Marquis she is Subaru Impreza let you know who wins and why and how the trip goes when it goes.

for now stay you know

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