2021 is here what does the year hold for me as I see it.

To start Happy new year to any and all my followers and I hope you are seeing the positives as we enter 2021? What I see for me is good times with renewed resolve to give my family more and fulfill some more of my dreams and desires. I have a lot to be thankful for right now and on in to the future. The out look is dark but I do see tye light at the end of the tunnel and that is what counts.

Spring is coming fast as well as my next grandchild who will be the first I am sure of the so called Covid Babies in my family. It will be a little girl which will give me 2 girls and a boy(who is in the middle). My son is getting married in June and I am planning 2 road trips if I can swing it. The first things or places I hope to go to will be to the Henry Ford Museum and Village, then a ride down to Alabama for the IBPOE of the world conference.

As far as work goes going to keep on working as best I can from home (or the Lodge ). Re-contact all my customers who have gone astray and see if and how I can renew my relationships. As I accomplish this I will continue to do my best to create new relationships and deals for myself and the dealership. Doing this and working on my Mercury has been keeping me sane and crazy at the same time.

As I look back into 2020 I have lost friends and family to COVID directly or later through complications. Either way it has been sad and scary. But then again I have had family survive and are now healthy and moving forward with life. I keep praying for good health and prosperity for myself and family and those around me while trying to live my life with these adjustments. I am officially married now after 18years, thank you God for her sticking by and waiting for me to say yes. Time was not right but we made it right as we look now again for a new place to call home.

As my wife struggles with trying to sell a screen paly for 3 of her books and one re write of an old movie updated we keep seeing as the no’s leading to the one who will say yes on something or all. Thankfully nothing not even Covid has deterred her from her mission. As fo me Well like I said before all I need is my work, my project car and the Terrace City Lodge no. 1499 of Yonkers NY. To keep me going with determination to make more people happy in my Community and myself because I am a part of something and have things in my life that make me happy whole and give me purpose.

I hope all who read this have the same things one way or the other and can look down the road or through the tunnel as I did and see that things are pretty good or are going to get better. It is never easy but then again if it was it wouldn’t give I believe the purpose for living and satisfy the need to feel wanted and loved by yourself and the ones you help or associate with daily.


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I am a 23+ year veteran of selling vehicles to the public for Commercial use. I specialize in selling vehicles for commercial and municipal uses through out the NY tri-state area. I am currently working doing this at Ford Lincoln Of Queens, I am a family man with a loving wife of 17+ years. 4 great boys ages 21 to 31 at time of this profile set up. I have 2 great grand kids one is the sweetest little girl and the other her brother who was just born almost 1 year ago. I am a New York Native born in Harlem Raised in the Bronx and New Rochelle NY. I have 6 great step sisters and a step mom that I love dearly as well. and a host of cousins and uncles and aunts as well that gives me great joy and feeling of love to be in a family like mine. I belong to a great organization focused on charity and brotherly love to all as well the I.B.P.O ELKS OF THE WORLD.

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