I use to say I like classic cars because they just look cool. But today’s so called Iron just doesn’t always have that it. That it being  the wow factor or the look factor.  They have gotten better but then I started looking at old cars of the bygone eras and realized hey, my Dad or my Grandfather or Great Grandmother always drove one of those type of cars. Or maybe I use to go out with family in one on road trips something I always enjoyed. Then again the commercial or show attached to a car did it too for me. Like my featured car the Cordoba presented to the World by the Late Great Ricardo Montalban


6e7dbffe103b88a18d5575108757606bhow many of you remember this type of car. It was one of my favorite cars to ride in. My mother was studying at Harlem Hospital  school of nursing and by proxy I ended up with a whole lot of mothers. One of those mothers had one it had the rear window that went down and you know who was hanging out. (no car seats in the sixties and seventies).  Fun times for me and my cousins. She was a student putting herself through school through the air force reserves. Something few minorities knew about back then. Sadly she past away at an early age from Cancer but some things you never forget.

Like 65 FORD GALAXIE 500 this Ford Galaxy 500 my great grandmother brought home four different colors yelling up to the house on the 6th floor for everyone to look and decide which was best to get.  Right after surviving an accident in a LTD which the steering knuckle collapsed and she went down Amsterdam Ave from 129thstreet to 125st street. She hit almost 6 cars and ended up with a full body cast on the her right side.  Saying all the time I love ford and I love that LTD, never bought anything but a #Ford all her life.  Then the age of the Station wagon came about and I can remember another time when we all got into my Uncle Joe’s  wagon and he’d take all us kids crabbing or to the movies or a cotillion for 2 of my cousins. you had the preverbal don’t touch me your sitting on my hand move over I need room don’t lean on me. then you heard don’t let me have to turn this car around or don’t let me have to pull over. Again all you younger older people no car seats or seat belts for that matter.  You sat if you could get in a lap driving down the road thinking hey I am cool. Of course as you got older the term shot gun became like playing tag or musical chairs to get the window seat in front or at one of the doors in the back.62 torino Needless to say my sons think I am crazy and they don’t get the no seatbelt part or the riding of all who can fit get in. put the window down slightly so no one hangs out but get air in the summer was the thing and you complained but always thought this is cool.

But then there were the tv/movie cars that have always won over our hearts and sometimes dreams and for sure our fantasies of getting the girl and racing down the highway playing catch me if you can with the police. Cars like for me From the Show Cannon the Lincoln MarkV 1980 MKV1 GIVENCHY EDITIONthen the Ford Torino from Starsky and Hutch was another one always thought this was a cool crime fighting machine and loved the sweaters they wore in the show.maxresdefault

and who could forget that other car of cars the boss mustang from the movie that’s right you guessed it OIPU9IT5Q4Hthe movie was about a cop named Bullitt played by the Late great Steve McQueen. Of course some of you may not know who he is but that’s okay. Cause the car speaks for it’s self. And lets us not forget okay this is the last one I promise but I feel The show that stars David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight and a 1986 Camaro called KITT(KNIGHT INDUSTRIES TWO THOUSAND). A TALKING INDESTRUCTIBLE AI CAR IS COOL FOLKS right!!!s-l300

Well anyway there are so many more that were owned in the family and or on tv or a movie. but no matter what we all can live some of our personal history through the Iron of the past and now. With the now being what our sons and daughters may remember when they see older versions years later of a car they are riding around in now as teenager or young adult.

Sure would like to know what cars or trucks might do it for you, now that I brought it up? I bet when you do; the next thing you will do is smile or laugh and try and tell your significant other or kids the story. As if they, care but hey they are a captive audience right now right?


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I am a 23+ year veteran of selling vehicles to the public for Commercial use. I specialize in selling vehicles for commercial and municipal uses through out the NY tri-state area. I am currently working doing this at Ford Lincoln Of Queens, I am a family man with a loving wife of 17+ years. 4 great boys ages 21 to 31 at time of this profile set up. I have 2 great grand kids one is the sweetest little girl and the other her brother who was just born almost 1 year ago. I am a New York Native born in Harlem Raised in the Bronx and New Rochelle NY. I have 6 great step sisters and a step mom that I love dearly as well. and a host of cousins and uncles and aunts as well that gives me great joy and feeling of love to be in a family like mine. I belong to a great organization focused on charity and brotherly love to all as well the I.B.P.O ELKS OF THE WORLD.

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