Have you ever stopped to think about the taxi cab?  Not the driver but the car? The punishment they go through in a short life span of 3 to 5 years with a hefty price tag new or used.  A used purchased retired cab from a fleet or independent who only drives new is even worse.  But here is the thing The manufacture’s try to beef them up a car that is superior to the the one you or I might buy/lease right now.

New the vehicle of choice which there are not many is built to s specific blueprint which is online with emergency vehicles as far as suspension and transmission sometimes engine too.  It is usually the same model or style as a police car or gov’t law enforcement vehicle.



But consider this is one of the oldest industries around, dating back to age of handsome cabs, stage coaches and buggy’s for rent if you didn’t own or horse or horse rental as well. Of course it was for the well to do and the stranger that came to town every now and again. the odd local needing a ride to the train maybe. But never the less it is a strong industry that is all over the world.

It is or was the car you hailed when you stepped off a plane or train in a strange town and had it take you to the hotel of yours or his choosing.  His/her choice usually depends on how they perceive you the customer as you enter the car the amount of bags and how many in party? the car had many operators too some drove 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Average mileage on a real busy cab in a real busy town could be 180,000 miles per year. Like I said they take a lot of punishment in a short period of time. Considering the average driver these days does about 45000 per 3 years if they are lucky.

They come in different sizes and shapes and styles all over the country and world. take a look!!





You get the Idea right? different types of cars or vehicles as taxis. An amazing usually family handed down business from father and mother to the kids who want to be like dad or just felt that is what they are destined to do. some families didn’t want the children to follow into the business unless they could make it grow.  there are millions of taxis on the road any given day around the world and they all look different and have there own vibrant history. But the vehicles used then and now are and were very interesting. Next time you see or get in a cab tell the car not the driver thankyou and then the driver for doing a hard job 16 to 18 hours a day.  I could go on forever on the subject but I think You all get the message. Taxis are a rare breed that is strong and hard to die they will go in any kind of weather and almost any where they are pointed too.

I leave you with some old and new they are amazing vehicles, then and now.

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