Hello, again this is my second blogging attempt in as many years. I confess my first on WordPress was not that good as I really did not keep up with it. I would put articles I found of interest on the page every now and then more then than now usually. I would add my thoughts or comments to them and sometimes when I was inspired I might just do a page of my own. I finally removed the blog or it was removed due to not enough activity.

I was just going to forget about doing this again until this Covid-19 virus struck our world, Country and homes. I suddenly again felt I have not really done much for me to be a household name but maybe this could be something my kids and family could use to tell a little of my story when I am gone. Learn the things I have done in life maybe inspire one or two in the next generations to do something better or more or to just know it is alright to be just who you. I learned when my mom past away that it isn’t necessary to try and keep up with the Jones. Just be yourself do right by others enjoy our family do your best to provide a decent home and life as best you can with in the laws and rules of where you decide to live your life.

Respect your elders learn from those who know more in the family and your business so that you can excel with out hurting others along the way. Treat them the way you want to be treated and show them the respect you want to get. Recognize when you have done bad and be happy ang grateful when you done good. Know that you do not need others to tell you that you got it right as long as you know what you did is what needed to be done and you can sleep at night and be happy with your efforts.

Although as of late I do not get to enjoy them much anymore for one reason or another I do like to do things like:

fishing, collecting toy matchbox cars, and other collectible cars and trucks. I always had a dream to have my own collectible car for use as a daily driver and show car. Some thing I am working on and will be talking about in this blog. I hope at some point I can get it finished and get to enjoy before I can no longer drive or it is ruled unsafe to operate on the roads. Not a big fan of these new vehicles even though I sell them for a living.

I am a Ford commercial sales / fleet manager here in NYCundefined This is me in front of my office or what was my office in 2018. I am pretty good I would like to think at what I do. It has served me so far for about 23 years or more. I hope to do it for another 15 to 20 more years yet. I am not rich and have made some bad investments or no investments when I should have made them. But I have a great family and I am content.

In this blog I plan to continue or renew putting out articles from others with my comments and also sharing some of what I think fleets should already know and what new fleets should be thinking about. Not looking to use this as a sales platform but as a branding tool for me and what I know and can offer a company that might be interested in a no bullshit approach to vehicles they may need and how they can obtain them.

Hope you like so far and come back for moreundefined

Published by Courtney Commercial

I am a 23+ year veteran of selling vehicles to the public for Commercial use. I specialize in selling vehicles for commercial and municipal uses through out the NY tri-state area. I am currently working doing this at Ford Lincoln Of Queens, I am a family man with a loving wife of 17+ years. 4 great boys ages 21 to 31 at time of this profile set up. I have 2 great grand kids one is the sweetest little girl and the other her brother who was just born almost 1 year ago. I am a New York Native born in Harlem Raised in the Bronx and New Rochelle NY. I have 6 great step sisters and a step mom that I love dearly as well. and a host of cousins and uncles and aunts as well that gives me great joy and feeling of love to be in a family like mine. I belong to a great organization focused on charity and brotherly love to all as well the I.B.P.O ELKS OF THE WORLD.

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